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The match at the Puskas Arena in Budapest started quite nervously on both sides, and after a little more than an hour of football in the capital of Hungary, we saw as many as five yellow cards.

In such a situation, our team coped better, and through Slobodan Rubežić in the 36th minute, they took a minimal lead, which they took to halftime.

Hungary knew that only a win or a draw would guarantee the first place in the group, so in the second half the local players played much more engaged, which was also seen in the result.

With a blitzkrieg that lasted only two minutes, Dominik Soboslai in the 67th and 68th minutes of the match brought a complete turnaround to Hungary, which went from first place in the group to the European Championship.

Our national team is at the end of the game, motivated by the result from Leskovac where Serbia lost 2:1, they went all or nothing and attacked the host with three attackers, but goalkeeper Deneš Dibuš was an insurmountable obstacle for the Falcons.

The goalkeeper of the Hungarian net stood out with several extraordinary interventions, such as when he defended a colossal chance by Osmajić in a one-on-one situation, then a lob attempt by Jovetić, and then three shots in one action where he first took down an attempt by Krstović, then two by Radulović.

In stoppage time, the triumph of the home team was confirmed by Adam Nađ, who also set the final result of this match.

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