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The editors of the Rolaj Me portal present their choice of the best team of the 16th round. Based on our opinion, we singled out players who stood out with their good play and contributed to the success of their teams.


Petar Petrović, an 18-year-old from Cetinje, suddenly got the opportunity to defend for Podgorica against Komo yesterday and he used it in the best possible way.

With three to four great interventions, he showed his value and potential. 2.03 meters tall, he has the talent and physical performance to be an excellent goalkeeper in the future.


Nikola Vukotić, 20-year-old defender of FK Bokelja, showed a good game in yesterday’s derby on a difficult pitch. He is an occasional member of the U21 national team of Montenegro. Before Bokelj, he played for Rudar and Iskra, and went through the youth school of Budućnosti.


Balša Banović, the 25-year-old defender of FK Otrant-Olympic, commanded his team’s defense perfectly and was recommended for the best team of the 16th round. They played against the attack of FK Bokelj, which has scored 26 in the championship so far. Banović previously played for Budućnost, OFK Titograd, Dečić, Makedonija GjP and Rudar.


Vuk Ajković, the 25-year-old defender of FK Koma, was key in his team’s defense against the most effective attack in the league – FK Podgorica, who have scored 33 goals in 16 rounds played so far. Before moving to FK Kom, Ajković played for FK Zeta, FK Ilarion and FK Bratstvo.


Nikola Globarević, the 26-year-old forward of FK Grblja, brought Grblja three points in stoppage time against Lovcen. He came off the bench in the 60th minute and settled the game. Globarević previously played for the following clubs: OFK Nikšić, Zeta Golubovci, FK Berane, FK Lovćen, FK Ibar, Budućnost Podgorica, FK Bokelj, FK Čelik Nikšić and FK Bratstvo.


Igor Poček, striker of FK Bokelja, is playing great this season. He is the main force in Bokelje’s attack, creates chances and scores goals. He currently has the most key assists in the Second League. Yesterday he played very well in the derby. During his career, Poček played for the following clubs: FK Bokelj, FK Mornar, FK Zlatibor Čajetina, FK Sutjeska, FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj, FK Mogren and FK Berane.


Danilo Marković made a big contribution to Iskra’s victory against Internacional yesterday. He had a lot of possessions and good passes and it can be said that he dominated the midfield. During his career, Marković played for the following clubs: FK Iskra, FK Dečić Tuzi, AS Rodos, FK Rudar Pljevlja, Budućnost Podgorica and FK Bratstvo.


Yesterday, Nemanja Sekulić did a “good” job in the middle of the pitch for the Koma team. With a lot of duels won, a lot of runs and efforts, he dominated for the Koma team in that segment of the game. During his career, Sekulić played for the following clubs: Vojvodina, Rudar Pljevlja, Petrovac, Bratstvo, Zeta, Kom, Budućnost Podgorica.


Vasilije Osmajlić, an 18-year-old youth representative of Montenegro, entered the field at the beginning of the second half, more precisely in the 46th minute.

It didn’t take long, and Osmajlić showed his talent. In the 49th minute, he scored his first goal, and just nine minutes later, in the 58th minute, he scored his second goal.




Ognjen Rolović – striker of FK Iskra showed that he did not forget to shake the opponent’s nets. Let’s remember his goal for Saburtalo against Sheriff Tiraspol in the Champions League qualifiers.

Today he was a key player for the Iskra team, scoring two goals in the 71st (penalty) and 82nd minute. Ognjen has scored 7 goals for Iskra so far.

During his career, Ognjen Rolović played for the following clubs: Kerċem Ajax, FK Iskra Danilovgrad, FK Mornar, FC Minsk, Saburtalo Tbilisi, FC Kamza, Birkirkara, FK Zabjelo, FK Mladost Podgorica.

Ayumu Nishimura, player of FK Otrant-Olympic, was the best in the ranks of Otrant Olympic.

His outstanding starting speed, and he is very “dangerous” in the opponent’s 16 meters and “packs” all the balls into the opponent’s goal. Before coming to Montenegro, Nishimura played in Japan for Niigata Uni H&W and Niigata UH&W FC. So far, he has scored 6 goals in the championship.

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